Cleva for

Appointees and Deputies

Are you a Court of Protection solicitor or case management firm making payments and managing finances for those under your care? Are you a court appointed deputy with responsibilities for vulnerable adults and children, or those under a youth or adult care scheme?

A simple way to handle payments and streamline finances for all those under your care.

Cleva removes the need to use cash, and saves the time associated with paper receipt reconciliation.

Cleva offers a far more advanced system than simple prepaid debit cards, with a dedicated software platform capable of reconciling payments across tens, hundreds or even thousands of accounts.

Cleva works with a single sign-on when managing all of your accounts, removing the need to store and access a username and password for each and every user under your care.

It’s so simple!

Every client has a digital wallet. You can load money onto this wallet on a regular schedule, for example £100 per month, or you can top it up when required.

Each carer has a single Cleva card. This card allows them to spend from any client wallet.

When they are shopping, the carer simply opens the Cleva app, selects which client wallet they want to use and the next purchase on their Cleva card will come from the chosen client wallet.

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Want to see something Cleva?

Cleva is a simple and safe way to manage spending by, and on behalf of, your clients.

For Appointees and Deputies Cleva costs just £5.95 per vulnerable client per month, with no hidden fees.

Cleva has the ability to work across numerous clients with varying needs

Michelle's Story

Michelle has a learning disability which means that someone else needs to manage her finances.

She has a fairly independent life, living alone and shopping for herself, but your organisation is responsible for controlling and monitoring what she spends.

Sajid's Story

Sajid has more complex care needs. His physical disability means that he lives in a group home,
run by a manager.

As with Michelle, your organisation is responsible for controlling and monitoring what he spends.

Sajid also has carers who look after his needs: for example, they do his shopping and often
take him out for day trips.

Some commonly asked questions

  • Where can the Cleva card be used?

    Cleva cards can be used almost anywhere that shows the Mastercard® brand mark, in shops and online.

    You can set your account to block purchases from places you don’t want it to be used e.g. bars.

  • What does Cleva cost?

    We have flexible pricing plans to meet your business needs.

    For Appointees and Deputies Cleva costs just £6.95 per vulnerable client per month, with no hidden fees.

    Get in touch for a discussion about your needs and we’ll provide you with a bespoke quote.

  • How long does it take to get set up?

    As Cleva is a financial product, we need to run a couple of checks to verify your identity before you can join. This isn’t a complicated process and we can usually have you up and running in just a few weeks.

  • What's the minimum contract you offer?

    There’s no minimum contract term.